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Discover Your Truth

"The truth hurts." "Just tell the truth." "Honesty is the best policy"...We value honesty and truth yet when it comes to how we talk to ourselves, we lie to ourselves. We tell ourselves we are broken, not enough, flawed, unworthy. We tell ourselves these things and believe them as if they were the truth.

My encouragement for you today is to start paying attention to what you are saying to yourself about yourself. Is it really YOUR truth, or a belief that you have internalized mistakenly believing it is your truth? If the belief no longer serves you, consider deleting it from your brain file or consider asking yourself, "if that statement is no longer TRUE, then what is?" and begin incorporating your REAL TRUTH in your thoughts. It takes time to make sense of all the truths presenting as lies that you have told yourself, but with a little introspection, remarkable progress towards uncovering YOUR TRUTH will be discovered and lived. Believe it!

All my best,


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